Creativity Loves Company

Creativity Loves Company

After taking two sips of my beer this Saturday, I looked down at my phone. . . 

<Excitement. Anxiety. Gratitude.>

My body quickly shuffled through each of these emotions. I had just seen a reminder someone had scheduled a FREE 15 Minute Call with me. I was in the middle of having fun experiencing some new (to me) breweries in Fort Worth with my sister and brother-in-law.


–rushed through my veins instantly. I recalled the purpose of this appointment. I was about to have another opportunity to share how I’m filing LLC’s for FREE. I would later learn this particular person had connected with me through one of my posts on Facebook.


–blew in and settled in my chest. I was so wrapped up living in the moment, and I had forgotten to tell them about this obligation. Subconsciously I had recalled dramatic moments from the not so distant past where I had forgotten to communicate a work obligation. Those reactions were typically harsh and unsupportive, and obviously continue to leave an impact. Looking back, sometimes the reaction was immediate. Other times, the negative feedback was reserved and used at an opportune time–to achieve the greatest impact. It’s difficult to decipher which type of emotional blackmail had more responsibility with rewiring my brain to be overwhelmed with anxiety in these situations. Nonetheless, this explains why I was on edge when I knew I was going to have to step away from this social interaction to take a work related call.


–flowed in through my ears. My sister’s reaction to the news was calm, reassuring and understanding. We had just started playing Monopoly (the cheater’s version). I was relieved her reaction was positive. At the same time I was thankful to have received this type of support from my family. As I took a picture of what I had acquired, she reassured me she wouldn’t steal my properties/money. “Don’t worry, it’s for work!” she said very seriously, as I rushed away with my phone in hand.

As I left the brewery, I walked toward this mural, “Creativity Loves Company.” With the relentless sun beaming down above me, I kept walking in search of a quiet and shady spot. I found what appears to be another beer garden/patio under construction. For the next twenty minutes this became my office. As I walked back to finish my brew, I was overcome with joy knowing I am going to be able to help another entrepreneur avoid the common mistakes I see when people do it themselves.

Let people HELP you so you can supercharge your CREATIVITY; you’ll get the most bang for your COMPANY.

SPECIAL OFFER: I’ll file your TX LLC for free! All you have to do is take care of the filing fee and schedule a complimentary (1 hour) foundation session with me after your FREE 15 Minute Call.