Texas Sized Snowfall

Do you enjoy snow? I sure do!

I even enjoy dealing with its aftermath. For what it's worth, I got pretty good at making pathways, shoveling the driveway and cleaning off the car just enough to get from one place to another back then. I'm not so good at it anymore. I've been out of practice for quite some time.


Last week the Greater Houston Area enjoyed unanticipated snowfall of a magnitude not experienced in possibly over a decade, and the weather preceding it was all too reminiscent of the wintery days you deal with for months at a time in Rochester, NY. I have to say that it was worth every day of gloom (and more) to study at the best music school in the world. You couldargue with that statement but it'd be smart not to because I'll win. Now, there is something to be said for the psychological & cognitive effects that occur when you experience four distinct seasons, but those two gloomy days were a reminder of how grateful I am to live in the temperate land of Texas.

It wasn't the snow, the cold weather or dealing with those "Yankees" (as my uncle calls them) that made my decision to come back home to Texas an easy one - not even close. It may be hard for some of y'all to believe, but snow, cold weather and "Yankees" aren't that bad at all. What is unbearable is the lack of sunshine and prolonged gloominess you must endure during so many days up north. After experiencing extreme sunshine all year round in Texas for my entire life, the scarcity became an issue worthy of a medical diagnosis.

Just for a moment Thursday morning, we all caught a little glimpse of what it is like to live in the north. The kids were happy to play in the snow and throw snowballs at recess. Samantha was so excited she created a really cute snowman (you can see it below) with the 2 inches of snow that briefly covered my car. I enjoyed my drive to the office because I got to watch the snow blow, fall and melt away as it did back then on a routine trip to work or Wegmans. All in all, those two gloomy days provided me with the right dose of nostalgia and gratitude for my present situation.

Houston Families - You're Invited

Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 10:30 am, I'm giving a Free Workshop for Families with Young Children at my office downtown. If you live in Houston and are available, I'd love to see you there! All I ask is that you register beforehand because seating is VERY limited. For future Wisdom Workshop opportunities, please visit our Wisdom Workshop event website.

My #DecemberSpecial

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This week's Wealthy Wisdom article is about what to do when you are ready to write your will, and how online DIY (do-it-yourself) programs are very risky. I hope you enjoy it. If you used a DIY method, please reach out so we can ensure your family and loved ones are taken care of in the way you would want when you die or are incapacitated. My law firm Weygandt Law is dedicated to keeping your family and business out of Court and out of conflict. 

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