in Summation: Epic

A fellow Eastman alumnus, Cyrus Reynolds recently released an EP entitled YEARN on SoundCloud. If there was one word to describe YEARN, it would be: epic. Do your soul a favor and listen to YEARN in its entirety below. Don't be shy about turning it up and allowing the massive spectrum transport you.

YEARN was recorded in Budapest with a 80+ piece orchestra and five vocalists (listed below). Each track features a different singer; all of whom do absolute justice to the expansive scoring that supports them. The melodies artfully penetrate the confines of our minds and unexpectedly surges to the surface as relentless ear worms. The brass mandates respect for the vocalist's introspective realizations and the percussion pulls the observer along, especially in Oh Brother. The sonic landscape of these compositions yearns to be pressed on vinyl (...hint hint). In other words, this EP is not just commercial music, but rather, an audiophile's dream of epic proportions.

Cinematographers will and should be bombarding Killer Tracks UMG with requests to incorporate these gems into projects destined for the big screen. It's hard to imagine the precise application or type of storytelling these tracks invite because, in my opinion the possibilities are endless.

Cyrus Reynolds had the unique opportunity to work with mix engineer  Satoshi Noguchi (M83, Oblivion) and mastering engineer Patricia Sullivan (Sting, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) on this project. It's hard to imagine how the recordings could more masterfully engulf a space with sound. This just goes to show why Satoshi and Patricia have had such successful careers in the recording industry. I applaud the entire creative team that had a hand in seeing this project to completion.

He is doing a slow roll out of official lyric videos that effectively dramatize the frequency fluctuations and the lyrical qualities of each song. I will update this post to include the remaining three videos as he publishes them.

I. Oh Brother

vocals by Novo Amor (SoundCloud)

II. Half-Life

vocals by Jeff Kolhede (SoundCloud)

III. Stasis

vocals by Keeley Bumford (SoundCloud)

IV. Lux

vocals by Connor "Foley" Shambrooke (SoundCloud)

V. The Flood

vocals by Ivan Howard (SoundCloud)

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